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"Why 90% Of Network Marketers Fail And How You Can Literally Get Paid To Turn Your Current Floundering Business Opportunity Into A $50,000.00 A Year ATM Machine...Guaranteed"

By: Gino Niccoli and Terry Duff

Read this report and discover:

“What 90% Of Networkers Don’t Know About Growing A $100k Per Year MLM"
"How You Can Finally Get Your Home-Based Business Off the Ground
Adding 5, 10, 20, Even 30 New Associates Every Week!!!”

Why did you request this information? We're hoping for the following very honest reasons:

1. You don't believe it should take years and years to create a realistic, solid six figure residual income- from home.

2. You're willing to put forth honest effort to grow a business, but you'd be thrilled to find out how to make more money with less time on your part (truly an advantage of ownership and residual income).

3. You have come to realize that most of the training and opportunities "out there", even provided by the very same companies, is a crock when it comes to results.

4. You've realized all the product and compensation knowledge in the world just isn't showing up as dollar signs in the bank.

5. You honestly don't believe the top money earners in this industry started by making a list of their friends and family, using 3-way calls to their up-line or waited for "spill-over" to happen.

6. Oh, I almost forgot my favorite...


If you honestly believe you are worth more money and realize there ARE ACTUALLY PEOPLE out there who have found out what we know and are literally making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM HOME, then we have the PROVEN marketing system that can absolutely explode your income from home...STARTING RIGHT NOW!

“I Laughed When Someone Said They Could Show Me How To Put 20-30 People A Week Into My MLM Business…

But When I Learned How And I Didn't Have To Pestor My Friends Or Family Ever Again…
I Remembered It All Started When I Read This Report”

Dear Friend and Entrepreneur,

Hi! I'm Gino Niccoli and you'll hear from my business partner and internet web master Terry Duff in just a moment, but let me start by saying I've been in the home-based business arena and an entrepreneur for almost two decades now. I know this industry inside and out. I've heard (and tried) all the hype, tricks, wizardry and hands free marketing systems on the face of the planet.

In fact, my first wife left and even some of my pets have threatened to find better homes. But, Over the years I figured some things out and since, have been training sound marketing principles in the corporate world for 12 years.

In 2003, I decided it was time to help people who were just like me; people who wanted to create SERIOUS wealth from home by helping them get what took me so much time (and frustration) to learn. But before I tossed my hat into the world of "guru-ing", I wanted to prove that what I had worked, even for the "little guy" with very little start up funds. So with a budget of $500.00...

I started another venture from home that generated $3,500,000.00 in less than 2 years AND SO CAN YOU!

Actually some of the people I have taught have been even more ambitious than me and did more than that in less than 1 year. (One of my best students is Greg Gomez who brought you to this Free Report.)

Anyway, if you are serious, not curious about making money from home with your current product, service or opportunity and truly want to earn $100,000 or more EVERY year...then read this report, top to bottom. It will be the best financial decision you've made all year...I GUARANTEE IT.


Maybe you’re not much of a reader (Terry says I bore him to tears). But this is so important to your success in this industry you just HAVE to get through it. So, grab something cold to drink, toss the kids in the closet, and go up on the roof to give this your sole attention. It's that important.

SECRET # 1- The Leaders In Your Companies (your up-line), Will Never Tell You The Truth About How They Made It To The Top.

Look, I'm not saying they won't inspire you, encourage you and even do what they can to help you, but 9 times out of 10, they won't teach you how to build your business the EXACT same way they built theirs. Why?

I'll give you two reasons.

1. They came into this business from another company and already had a "book of clients" or a down-line and they just swung them over. This happens ALL THE TIME!!! Open any of those company specific magazines and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about...BAM! Out of nowhere this person just appears with their picture at the top of the list. Do you have a downline already of thousands of people? NO? Well then thet strategy won't work for you.

2. They are absolutely TERRIFIED to teach you what they really did to grow their business because it would expose the fact that they are using YOU to line thier pockets. What your being taught is manual grunt work marketing that makes them money and not you. If you got wise they wouldn't have their happy worker-bee putting them in profit every month. Say doesn't that sound like your job?


Ask this "top money earner" who he used for 3-way calls when he got started...what did they call the CEO with every new prospect they had? 

You know, what I find even more amazing is that some of these "up line guru's" will even be kind enough to share SOME of what they MIGHT have actually used successfully in the past but...ONLY for a price. Now, go figure. If you are in a networking business and these people are in your up line, why would they need to charge you for help?

Don't they make enough money on your down-line?

Here's what I mean. Some of these "guru's" say they will give you access to flyers, brochures or designs for those 2x3 cards. Then you just distribute them and sit back and wait for it to happen.

Are you still waiting?

I was for years? Boy, I spent a fortune on this one because I was told years ago that all you have to do is find someone who is getting what you want, do exactly what they do and you'll get the same results. Someone aperently forgot the fine print.

The point is that these techniques can work...SOMETIMES. But you had better understand that they are based on long-term results and will cost a small FORTUNE to generate very slow results. Now, if you can spend a bunch of money now...$5k, $10k or even $15,000 and wait over the long haul 5-10 years for a return, then get out there and plunk down your money and wait.

I don't know about you but, If I had that kind of PATIENCE I would have been a doctor instead. Anyway, this brings me to my next revelation...

SECRET #2 Most Techniques Taught In The Networking Industry Absolutely Do Work, Over and Over and Over Again...But Not For YOU!!!

Okay, that statement doesn't make any sense does it? Well, let me explain. You see most of these techniques are not designed for YOUR benefit. They're designed to "sound" easy and taught because they work very well for the company and the "guru".

Think about it, using 3-way calls to your up line and bringing people to a meeting so they can listen to a "big dog" speaker, does what for you and your credibility? Nothing. In fact, it makes you look like a gopher and only serves to elevate the person who is on stage. 

Here's the trick.

These techniques are called "positioning" and are taught primarily so the "guru" no longer has to prospect. He doesn't want to do the grunt work either, that's why he hands the job to you (thanks). Even worse, they have you prospect the only people you're qualified to as a begging marketer. Someone who may trust your judgement and influence, your warm market. But once you've gone through them, then what...

What are you going to do when your warm market runs out?
Make more family members and wait 18 years until they are old enough to recruit?

Sounds silly but, sereiously, they have you turn over your loved ones and business associates and they have you do it quick too.Wanna know why...

The reason they encourage you to make your list of friends and family so quickly is because they know full well, that there is a 90% failure rate in this business and, more than likely, you won't be around in 6 months, so you become the "worker-bee" till you die and they end up with your warm market in the process. Gruesome, but true.

Now, before you pick up your shotgun to hunt down the SOB that recruited you, remember that they are just doing what was taught to them. Plus, they're more than likely not high enough "up" to know any better. They're just trying to do their "busy-bee" best to make a few extra bucks just like you.. Kind of sounds like the blind leading the blind doesn't it? Well, not really because your company wins big in the end, so do the "guru's".


You just have to find someone who is willing to tell you the truth and teach you what you need to know to become a true master in the art and science of marketing. So you knever need to be any ones "drone" ever again. I'll bet your asking...

Why are Terry and I any different and how can you believe it?

Great question, we'll get to that in a moment but I'll bet you've never had someone explain things like this before, right?

Keep reading it gets even better. Before you're done, you'll have access to the best information available in this industry, FOR YOUR BENEFIT. You see, we aren't afraid to practice any technique we teach. In fact, we still "work it" to this very day!! We love this business and so will you once you see a 5-figure check with your name on it. We call it mailbox money and it's a fantastic feeling!

SECRET #3 Knowing Everything About Your Products, Services And Opportunities...Even Being Able To Explain Those Tricky Compensation Plans (a trick I still can't do very well) Isn't Enough...NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Like it or not, knowing all there is to know about your products, why it beats the pants off your competition, why it is so affordable, how it can help millions of people, explaining the market need and even making those confusing compensation plans sound like basic 'rithmatic is not what making $100,000 per year is all about!

It's about MARKETING. Any business, retail, wholesale, service oriented or even a technology business is about MARKETING.It's just like fishing.

(Tangent Warning)

Now when I get into something, I go nuts. I mean I bought every bait, lure, tackle box, electronic fish finder, rod, reel and lure money could buy.

It would drive me crazy to show up at the lake, "loaded for bear", and watch a REAL fisherman beat my pants off with a worm tied to a stick. But, it taught me a very valuable I paid for in cash. You have to know what the fish want and where to find them...PERIOD.

Having a business, any business is exactly the same thing. You ABSOLUTELY MUST have a continuous stream of new clients, customers and associates. Now, you can beat your head against the wall and deny it (this was me for a really long time) or you can accept it and begin to make more money then you ever thought possible.

(Please don't go spending yourselves out of house and home on these crazy things.)

This is about prospects, TONS OF THEM and how to create a steady flow of them, thousands of them, all the way to the bank. But first, you must become a master in marketing.

For years I fought this concept. I invited so many people to hotels the doormen knew me by first name. I eliminated myself from every "free dinner list" I was ever on. I was failing in business, starving to death and couldn't even beg my friends for free meal because they were afraid I might have a new, even better way to get rich.

In fact, I crashed into such a big ball of flames I'm surprised I'm still here to tell the story.

Speaking of my story :

I grew up in Southern California in a very spiritually guided family. The church that we attended was like the HOME-BUSINESS DEPOT. My father had a huge entrepreneur bug, and would come home all the time with the newest, latest and greatest money-making deal.

My father, in my eyes, was the Master of Marketing and I watched very intently to see how it was done. Anyway, I watched him chew up that "warm market" so many times I don't how he found more.Thank goodness the church was growing fast enough to keep pace. I remember a freeze-dried food company, Amway, military grade flashlights and the list goes on and on.

Most of these companies went belly-up, except for Amway who is kind of trying to change their brand name to QuikStar, and some just kind of fizzled out. When I became an adult I wanted to make it happen too. I always loved the network-marketing concept, still do, and thought it was THE BEST WAY TO CREATE RESIDUAL WEALTH. I worked a telecommunications company, a legal benefits company, a reminder service program; you name it I was there.

But it wasn't until I looked at marketing as an industry all by itself that I finally figured it. I studied and mastered tools like the telephone, mail programs, ad campaigns and even infomercials. I finally figured out that isn't the product or service that makes the man or woman; it's the man or woman‘s understanding of marketing that makes the product or service. Along the way I discovered that I really love people, A LOT and helping them reach their goals too actually brings me more success.

In fact, in my opinion, the reason the saying goes, "It is better to give than to receive", is because I have found - THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU GET!! I don't even worry anymore about getting my share, it happens all by itself. Which brings me to another gift to you;


1. You must be willing to learn. You have to be teachable. You remember back in school, the people you couldn't stand to be around, the ones that really drove you nuts, were the ones who thought the sun shined on their heads only and we were left to scramble for the left-over. I can't stand these kinds of people and what I have found is that, unless a fortune has been given to you, these types people will fail miserably over and over again. What I found is that this type of person is found in every station in life. I've met people who didn't have 2 nickels to rub together but, they still think they have it all figure out. IF YOU TRUELY WANT SUCCESS, ALWAYS BE A STUDENT. The most incredibly wealthy people I have ever met will still stop and listen if you say, "Hey, do you want to learn something I found out."

2. You must have a BIG, BIG reason why you want the success. In my case, I never even graduated high school, lost my first sweetheart in a car accident and I was always the runt. I know it sounds like a country-western song but it's true. I wanted to BEAT THE ODDS. For some of you it might be for the kids, grandkids, for more free time, travel...whatever but it has to be a BURNING DESIRE.

3. You must be willing to put forth an effort, REALLY PUT OUT AN EFFORT. Look, you can make so much money part-time you'll need the rest of your time to figure out how to spend it but, if you can't make a FOCUSED effort then forget it. Let me save you a headache...GO BUY A LOTTERY TICKET. (Just remember, most people who do win the lottery end up financially in worse shape than before).

I have to be honest, most people, 83% are lazy...moss growing from the feet lazy. I mean this country has become the land of opportunity to make someone else RICH, in fact, IF YOU DON'T TAKE ACTION FOR YOURSELVES, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TAKING ACTION FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Please don't confuse this with what I said earlier, "It is better to give than to receive." But don’t toss away your fair share either.


I know it sounds like an English lesson, you gotta do this except after this...except when and if this happens but here's the thing. You have to find someone who will show you, IF YOU HAVE THE 3 KEY to buy leads (until you learn an even better technique, but it costs more money so use only your profits), the right lead for your product, service or opportunity. By the way remember what I said about $5-$7 opt-in email OPPORTUNITY SEEKER leads?

The reason these are a bad deal is because EVERYONE is an opportunity seeker. Ask a CEO who makes $150k a year if he/she wants to find out how to make $200k a year. Show me a person making $10.00pr/hr and I'll show you someone who would love to learn how to make $20.00pr/hr. Go get your LOCAL PHONEBOOK AND IT IS FULL OF OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS. You need someone who will show you how to identify your PERFECT TARGET MARKET. Then you need someone who will show you what to say, how to say it and how to show others how to do it. AND THE REAL SECRET is to find someone who will do that for your benefit FIRST AND FOREMOST (remember they should be wanting to give more than they want to receive).

SO HOW DO YOU KNOW TERRY AND I ARE THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE?? You know, first off I've been bluntly honest and upfront and I'm not going to stop now, the HONEST answer is you don't. But, I know for a fact I've shared more with you in the last few minutes (oh, who am I kidding, I've been rambling for A LOT longer than that) than most people "at the top will share in their lifetime". I told you before, I genuinely love people and I believe, because of my spiritual upbringing, that we should treat people like we want to be treated and I only wish someone would have shared these things with me years ago. So Terry and I formed what we call The Dream Team and we'll talk more later about this but, I'll stop for a minute and wake up…Terry

Hey folks,

My name is Terry Duff and I had a lot of the same learning experiences as Gino, in fact we grew up in the same church...just 750 miles away form each other. I too spent tons of money, lots of time and every ounce of energy a person could muster to get to the top. I also have a true LOVE AND PASSION FOR THIS INDUSTRY, networking / home business, AND ABSOLUTLEY LOVE HELPING OTHERS. Anyway, after A LOT of trial and error Gino and I learned the same thing miles apart...MARKETING IS THE KEY! In fact, once I got it down pat (yes, after more failures than I care to discuss) I was earning as much as $20,000 PER WEEK FROM HOME BEFORE GINO AND I EVEN MET!!! But, I think why Gino woke me up; I learned a very valuable secret that he likes me to share personally...


You see, I'm a very statistical person (probably the reason I like baseball so much) and I found out-by watching others drop like rocks - that you have to watch what and how much you spend your money on. You see, I'm not very excitable, I'm very analytical and one thing I noticed right away was that most people who get involved with a home-business (especially in the network industry) get this GIDDY glazed look in their eye at every event or company activity almost like it were a religious experience. Folks, remember this...IT IS ALL BUSINESS AND YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT IS, PROBABLY WON'T CHANGE THE WORLD.

Even more important PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT...THAT FOLKS IS THE BOTTOM LINE!!! Don't buy expensive leads until you are skilled enough to use them. Don't run expensive ads until a cheap one gets results first. I’m not saying it doesn’t take money to make money and that one must spend a few bucks here and there to get some return, but don’t put the family on the street in the meantime.  Be economical and frugal…do things on a small scale and when you start seeing positive results, then take action on a larger scale. 

The only exception to this rule is ALWAYS, ALWAYS invest in yourself and your own personal development, this is the best money you can spend.  One thing that Gino and I have always done is to use PROFITS to grow our businesses.  And here's the best one I saved for last...YOU ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME so don't focus on big time-consuming techniques like taking people to hotels, home-parties and driving all over town picking up all kinds of free meal tabs. 

Oh, one last thing before I go, and I’m sure we’ll talk later, but leave your warm market alone, suck up all the free meals you can get and take that money that you would have spent on food and invest it into learning about the art and science of marketing.

“How To Make At Least $50,000.00 More With Your Current Product, Service Or Opportunity In The Next 12 Months Guaranteed…In Fact, Even If You Don’t Have A Current Company.”

Our marketing methods will allow you to stay home, never drag anyone to a hotel or convention center, never convince a single "warm market" person again and literally add as many as 20, 30, even 50 people a week into your downline every week. Even better, you can do it in your slippers, shorts or bathrobe if you want. You will learn techniques that have allowed us to add up to 20 people PER DAY into our businesses. In fact, we aren't even going to tell you how many people it is possible for you to add because it will just sound too unbelievable.

This isn’t some AMAZING internet marketing scheme. You will have to still build relationships with other people, but you can do it from home.  You will learn how to attract prospects that are already interested in your product, service or opportunity.  You will then learn how to create the urgency to buy just like the largest companies in the world that never have to beg for your business.

Have you ever thought about something like this?...

You get up in the morning, have a relaxing breakfast, maybe a nice cup of coffee and turn on the news. You watch all the horror stories of traffic, loonies and the "rat race". You finish up watching the "market" news, not because you’re in it, but because it is fun to think of all the poor sorry saps who are on the edge of their seat waiting for it to DO SOMETHING. You decide today is the day you are going to take your new convertible for a little canyon jaunt. 

2 hours later you drift back into town and have lunch at that quaint, expensive cafe you have heard so much about. The food is fantastic. You are tempted to go home and take a nap but, then the phone rings. It is your mother, she and your father are retired, and she just wants some company while your father is golfing. They live about a 2 hour plane ride away so you tell her you'll call her back, hang-up, call the airlines, book a flight and then call her back to let her know you are on your way. Your visit is so nice, childhood memories filling your head; you love being able to share this time with your family. Dad returns from golf and so you decide to take your parents out for an early dinner.

After dinner, you say good-bye, board a plane for home and relax after another fantastic day. Upon arriving at home, you check the mail and find a check for $35,000.00 from your networking company and think to yourself it wasn't too bad of a month. At home you spend about 2 hours on the phone conducting some business with your organization and then you prepare to retire for the evening.

Last thing you do is get on the "net" and decide you are going to take a trip to the Bahamas and bring the whole family. The best part is you can do your business anywhere with a phone and computer access so you don't even have to make arrangements while you're gone. Hey, in that case, maybe you'll leave next week instead planning so far in advance...


Everyone should be able to feel this way and this is exactly why we decided to help others learn what we have discovered. You see, the key, is shifting from focusing on the product, service or comp plan and directing that focus into MARKETING. We know, without a doubt because we've done it, that YOU can absolutely make thousands and thousands of dollars every month from home. Without even leaving your home if you want and we are here willing to show you how.


That is a good question. We still do the things we are teaching everyday. It's just too much fun making money this way to stop doing it. But, the reason we teach these things too is two fold.

1. We know there is such a HUGE market out there we can't get to it all and you can't take food off our table either.

2. We ABSOLUTELY love this industry and want to see anyone control his or her own financial destiny. Isn't this supposed to be the, "Land of opportunity" not the "Land of opportunity to make other people RICH".

Well, we can't blame you.

  You probably have a couple of concerns we'd like to address:

 How much will I have to spend to use these strategies you teach?

That's a great question. You know, when we both started to have that paradigm shift in our business efforts we had gone broke trying all the other methods. We didn't have a bunch of money to invest either. But each of us found that, remember we learned the same things but miles apart, spending big...thousands of dollars on trial and error was just as bad as doing the wrong things. One of the things we are proud of is that we actually try to show you how to do things based on your learning curve, meaning we aren't going to tell you to spend hundreds of dollars at a time on leads or ads until we show you how to become profitable first. That means not having you spend beyond your ability to recover quickly. DON'T YOU WISH YOUR UPLINE WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SAY OR DO THAT?

What if I'm so broke I can't pay attention?

Well, we've got good news and bad news. Bad news first; you can't start a business or learn how to grow it without any expense...THERE IS NO F-R-E-E. However, the good news is, you can learn the right way, the best way and the most profitable way for a lot less than it cost us. By learning from our previous mistakes you WILL save thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Can't I just learn these things on my own?

Absolutely! In fact, that's how Terry and I did it. We know, ANYONE can learn these things ALL BY YOURSELF, you don't need us. The only downside is that you will spend a BUNCH OF MONEY you don't have to and you will experience a lot of PAIN you could avoid. For some of you this may be the only way you can learn, remember rule # 1 of the 3 KEY INGREDIENTS we mentioned earlier, I know I was a mule for a long time. The other thing you need to consider is the learning curve. Honestly, how long have you spent on the, "trail of tears" so far? How much more time are you willing to wait for IT to happen?

How long will it take to see results?

Some of our students see results, BIG results, in as little as 24 hours. Sometimes it may take a couple of days, weeks and in some rare cases...months. You see the answer to that question depends on your ability to bring the 3 KEY INGREDIENTS. Students who IMMEDIATELY bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and who put out at least a part-time effort...ABSOLUTELY see results so fast it usually comes as quite a shock.

How do know this will work for my network program, business, product or opportunity?

Here's the thing. It doesn't matter what you've been told by your upline or what you have learned in the past...NETWORKING, ANY BUSINESS IS ABOUT MARKETING. It is all about numbers, masses of people - consumers. You see we just teach how to put the numbers in your favor. First you need to learn how to "create the urgency to buy" so you can quit convincing and begging. Then you need to learn the game of numbers. You can have as many home parties as you want, go to as many hotel gatherings as you want and we will sit back, from home, in t-shirt and shorts and absolutely hand you your lunch. Why? Marketing is about numbers. If it were about "belly to belly" don't you think Coca-Cola would have people going door to door? You have to reach the masses, even in a networking compensation plan because 83% of your recruits will be lazy…growing mold on the top of their feet lazy!!! I know, we said that before but, there is a cure and we'll share that later.

Can I do these techniques from my area, I live WAY out in the country?

You can do the right things from anywhere...okay, almost. You will need basic home-office stuff; phone with long distance, computer, etc. But today, technology is so advanced it almost does it for you. Look my computer, to me, is a fish tank until my wife jiggles the mouse. It's not rocket science, it is understanding human nature. Our marketing tips will work for ANYONE, can read, write and speak...clearly.

What makes what you teach so special?

The best answer to that question is the fact that they work, no matter what, without fail. Here's the point. As long as humans are still needed to create and make the actual transaction in order for commerce to take place, meaning until robots carry wallets, these techniques WILL ALWAYS work. Why more people aren't teaching these things in the first place is beyond me, well that's not completely accurate if you remember the first few secrets we shared, but people only buy for 2 reasons; emotion and logic. That's it. Later we will share with you the only 2 reasons people won't or don't buy. Knowing this information is the first step to becoming masters in this industry. The next step is finishing this report.

I've heard this same stuff before and it is exactly what has got me in this situation. How do I know this time will be different?

You know the first answer to this question is because we guarantee it. In fact, if you bring the 3 KEY INGREDIENTS we will guarantee any investment you make using our strategies. WHAT? WAIT A MINUTE, HOW CAN WE DO THAT? Honestly, because they will work no ands, if's or buts. BUT (I know we said there wouldn't be any of these) you have to work it, learn it and follow along. By the way, if you've heard all this before, I'm assuming that at least you have never lost a nickel in this business because all the other places or things gave you your money back, right? NO. Well, we absolutely would give you every nickel back...

Wanna Know Why? 

Honestly, and please don't take this wrong, we don't NEED OR HAVE TO HAVE your money,...we VALUE IT just like you do. I've been exactly where you are right now and to this day ONE dollar still means the same to me as it did when I had to search under my sofa cushions to afford a meal off the "dollar menu".


You’re right we did. Understand, we can’t give you everything in one report...your computer couldn't possibly have enough memory, so here's the deal.  Below you'll find a form that will get you in contact with one of our top students. Someone who was just like you, till they got their greedy little hands on this report and followed this same process.

They'll invite you to an informative, entertaining, and very revealing connference call just like Joey did in the video up there. You will be able to hear from a couple of our ACTUAL STUDENTS. Who regularly add 20 to 30 people weekly into their businesses and will show you how to do the same, in less than one hour LIVE…GUARANTEED.

"After Spending Just One Hour With Us On The Phone, We Guarantee, Within 12 Months You'll Be Earning An Additional $50,000 Part-Time From Home.”

All you have to do is fill out the form below and I'll personally guide you through the the next step to building a six-figure MLM!

 Why are we doing this?? You know, honestly, Terry and I absolutely love this industry and we are just sick and tired of seeing so many people who want to make it happen fail miserably.

We hope you enjoyed this report and found it helpful. We look forward to meeting you personally, and don't forget to include your best phone number so we may contact you and start your real success in networking (and no, we’re not getting your telephone number for my ugly stepbrother who can’t seem to get a date on his own).  God bless.

See you on Stage,
The Dream Team

Terry and Gino

P.S. –If you are doing a gifting program (of any type), digital marketing systems that never benefit anyone or some crazy ostrich farm investment program, please don’t respond looking for help. 

We Will Only Help Those With
The Highest Levels Of Integrity.

P.S.S. -
Here is what some of our students have to say...

Terry & Gino, just a quick note to let you know you're appreciated in a BIG way!...
I am AMAZED at the effectiveness of the training, and what's happening regardless of the minuscule amount of time I've put into this!


Tom T.

Thanks for teaching me to fish for a lifetime…It’s exactly like you say, “It’s not easy, but it is simple”.  In fact, I can’t believe more companies aren’t teaching these types of techniques to their downlines in the first place…my family won’t admit that they love me more because of this income that you have helped me earn, but from my perspective, there seems to be A LOT more loving going around…

Mike C.

Hey Gino,

My son "Jim" is an analytical Chemist. He heads up the Science Department at work.
I persuaded Jim to take the Dream Team Closing Course. He quickly learned how to apply the science of sales to his work; and, as a result…He has increased his income by $12,000 in less than 30 days…
My son Jim simply used the principle that there's only two reasons people don't buy. He established value and benefit and closed the manager on using his equipment.   Fred F.

Dream Team,

I've been involved with a few part time Network Marketing programs in the past with little or no success. I had no prior sales experience and was never trained properly by any program, until now. The Training the Dream Team and Val Smyth provide is the biggest bang for the buck you will EVER come across. Success is a journey, not a destination and The Dream Team literally guide and escort you on that journey.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Joseph D.

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